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everybody deserves. >> is that message important in terms of -- >> reporter: we're back here live. the party is still a lot of fun. the staff is doing a great job making sure it stays that way. by the way, san francisco mayor ed lee made a bet with baltimore's mayor, the winning mayor will host the losing mayor to take part in a day of service in their city. are you guys still excited about this game here today? it is setting in that the score is not really so great at this point. we still have another half the game to go. >> they need to get back in the spirit. >> it is not over. >> consider yourself warned with so many people in the bay area partying for the super bowl, police and the chp are out in force trying to keep the roads safe tonight. kimberly has more on some dui checkpoints. >> reporter: hello.
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football fans are partying as you saw and police say they are ready for them. this is just one intersection that will be turned into a dui check point this evening. this one on south matilda in sunnyvale will run between el camino and washington avenue. they are part of the santa clara county dui task force. 13 agencies combining efforts to keep drunk drivers off the streets. police say they know alcohol is part of most super bowl parties and they want everyone to enjoy themselves on what has become almost a national holiday. what they don't want is for to you celebrate a potential niners win in jail. >> we want people to be aware of the risks and it is very easy to make a phone call for a taxicab or to talk to a friend or a family member. to be the one responsible for driving home. >> dui checkpoints are expected to start going up between 6:00 and 7:00 this evening. and police say you can expect extra patrols on the streets and
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highways. live in sunnyvale, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. it is no secret chicken wings are a sports party must have. even president obama had his bings in the west wing today. the busiest day of the year for finger food establishments. wing stop pittsburgh estimates they'll go through 30 boxes of fresh chicken. that's about 1,200 pounds. they stopped taking online orders earlier this week and were completely sold out for pregame pick-ups between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. >> we about triple our business on a day like today. all the 49er championship games have been extraordinarily busy for us and this will be another one. probably even busier. >> it was some concern there might be a shortage of chicken wings due to last year's drought. that's because it drives up the cost of food for the chickens. it is not true americans will consume more than a billion wings this weekend. >> all right. the super bowl is typically the most watched television event of
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the year and it turns out many people use that as an excuse to get a new tv. the past several years, tv sales spiked before the super bowl. this year was no exception. especially here in niner territory. >> at least 25% more sales when our home team is in the super bowl. a lot of people want a super bowl party and what better thing to have, especially the way they've been coming down in prices. >> experts stay boom in big screen tv stores has been especially good in brick and mortar stores. a bay area mom said she has a little bit of an idea what the harbaugh family is going through on a-smaller scale, of course. >> she is the only ravens fan in a household full of niner fans. desiree is from maryland. she married a bay area man. now lives if antioch. she stayed loyal to the ravens and today is standing her ground in a house full of niner fans.
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she said someone will be disappointed and it looks like it won't be her. >> okay. i have mixed emotions because of course as a mother, you don't want to see any of your children have hurt feelings. but it will have to happen. yeah, i'll have to bake him cookies or let him eat all the cake. i don't know. >> to keep the peace she said she'll decorate half the cake in niner colors, the other half in ravens colors. >> you can get complete postgame coverage of super bowl xlvii immediately following the game. we have reporters on the ground in new orleans and they'll have reactions from players, coaches and fans on happening now, a search is underway in santa rosa for a man who disappeared in a state park. a santa rosa couple called 911 yesterday morning to report a man in a pick-up has followed them to their house and was acting strangely. before police could get there, the man walked into the
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annandale park. then it was reported that they came across a man channing and naked. >> the mountain biker reported it to us. last night, some deputies did a ground search, an aerial search last night as well. we are unable to locate him and it was decide that had based upon the fact that the reported sighting, that we would call out the mechanic search and rescue team. >> the man is described as 6'6", sandy brown hair, 185 pounds. the family told deputies, he is going through marital problems. he has a history of mental illness. coming up next at 5:00, john kerry had a very busy day dealing with issues from mexico to turkey. the 49ers new stadium could have a major impact on people using san jose international airport. not your average cover story. a local man who has turned album part into his passion project.
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and we're finishing the weekend on a mostly sunny note. we have temperatures in the 50s and some low 60s. on the horizon, we'll see a big change in our weather with rain and some mountain snow.
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the new secretary of state spent most of his full day on the job on the phone. two days after being sworn in, john kerry was busy with diplomatic issues around the world. he made calls to officials in israel, canada, turkey and mexico. for updates on u.s. diplomatic concerns. in a conversation with the palestinian president, he said he intended to visit that region soon to discuss the peace process with israel. >> the question over what led to the death of a new york tourist in turkey. they now believe sarai sierra was murdered. here's the latest from ankara. >> reporter: there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding what happened to the 33-year-old woman from new york, what police here are saying is that she came to turkey last month. she was supposed to be on a two-week holiday. this was her first trip outside the use and during her trip, there were no indications that anything was going wrong. she was in regular contact with
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her family back in new york. they communicated by e-mail, skype, no sign of any trouble at all. until january 21st. the day she was supposed to go home. but she never got on the flight. her relatives became obviously very concerned. some of them later came to this country, turkish police set up a special unit to try to find her and she was missing for two weeks until last night. police found her body. she had been dumped, apparently murdered somewhere and then dumped in another location. she was found wedged up against the palace. the police chief said she was ì& trauma to the head. but still, they don't know who killed her or why or where she was during that two weeks in which she was missing. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. a 25-year-old man is charged with murder in connection with killing and shooting a former
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navy s.e.a.l. who was also his friend. eddie was accused of two counts of murder. he was accused of killing chris kyle who was also his friend. he wrote the best selling book, american sniper, the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history detailing his 150 plus kills. police say he opened fire and another person at the rough creek lodge, a shooting range in texas. he was taken into custody after a brief pursuit and is being held on a combined $3 million. still ahead at 5:00, we'll introduce to you a bay area man who has taken his love for album art to the silver screen. >> now an old past time that some people have never experienced.
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right now we want to take you back in time before ipods, before cds, before cassettes. there was the vinyl record. back in the day when you bought music, that's what it came on. >> as wonderful as the sound, it isn't what is on the record. it is what the record comes in. joe shows us the bay area man showing us his love of album art. >> right when rock 'n' roll was really in its inception in the mid 50s, we just loved the music. >> reporter: like so many bitten by the rock 'n' roll bug, he
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started accumulating records as a kid. >> i have 15,00045s and behind me you'll see some of the 10,000 albums. >> reporter: along the way the mill valley man realized he didn't just own thousands of records. he owned thousands of pieces of art. >> i used to collect only for the music. now i collect for the cover. >> reporter: he said each was the unique work of a photographer or artist. >> warhol had done a lot of covers. i thought, hey, at a used record store you can get a warhol print for under $10. >> reporter: the covers documented moments in time like the beatles' loney hearts band album or the cover of a nooud 11-year-old girl shot by a photographer. >> then in the late '60s and early '70s, there was a competition of who could do the most outrageous cover. >> reporter: one day he decided to turn his love of album art
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into a documentary film called cover story. he interviewed dozens of musicians and artists. she once used her husband's bloody glasses for an elbow cover. >> i realized as an artist, this was her expression of something very tragic that happened in her life. and she put it on an album cover to share with everybody. >> reporter: he also tells the story of san francisco artist michael rios whose art graced 40 million copies of carlos santana's supernatural album. >> how many people are buying santa santana's music and the few albums i've done with him already. i get to see my art. >> reporter: his film also mourns the passing of the record and its potential as a canvas for art. >> the cd era reduced the size of the artwork and thus the impact of it. but the digital download is something on an iphone. >> cover story is currently showing around the bay area. shining a nostalgic light on a
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medium that looked as unique as it sounded. nbc bay area news. >> bringing back the memories for some of us. >> for some of us. >> she points at me like no one else knows what an album is. >> eight track tapes? don't know about those either. >> cassettes. the weather was pretty nice out there. >> it was pretty nice outside. my first car did have an eight track player in it. today we had the sunshine break out after some low clouds, hazy skies. right now in san jose, it is fairly cool in the silicon valley. we're still at about 54 degrees in san jose. one of the cooler spots, vice president degrees in livermore. 61 in morgan hill. low 60s in some of the warmer spots. we did warm up over saturday, thanks to the extra sunshine. we do have a bit of a sea breeze. that will help bring in more moisture across the area and some low clouds. locally inland across the bay. high clouds will drift in later
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tomorrow. you can see the storm track is off to the north and at least to start the workweek, not much change. high pressure will hold its ground keeping most of the action to the north but we'll see big changes come wednesday night into thursday as the jet stream takes a dive to the south. that will open to much cooler air and the weather system will drop out of british columbia and slide into the bay area so your impact will be seeing some rain coming back in. not too heavy. even in the wettest spots in the bay area. what we'll do is bring in that cooler air. cold enough for slow as low as 3,000 feet. parts of the santa cruz mountains, generally above 3,500 feet. we'll see a chance of a few flurries. with that cold air coming in, mixed in with a little daytime sunshine. a slight risk of some thunder. the active days will be thursday into friday. tomorrow morning, some areas of low clouds. it looks like summer when you see the fog spill inland across the golden gate.
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we're at another sunny day tomorrow. one a lot like today. with the clouds coming in and patchy fog should not be too chilly. upper 30s to some mid 40s tomorrow morning. as we head into the $gentleman. low 60s. a bit warmer. i think around the south bay. 64 degrees around santa cruz tomorrow. 65 in pleasanton and low 60s from oakland. close to 60 in san francisco. 61 in santa rosa. napa looking pretty nice. the warmest and driest days of the week. the next three days. then thursday into friday, a chance of seeing some snow on those higher bay area peaks and finally the sierra should get some snow. maybe a half foot to a foot of snow. then the pattern resets. good timing for weekend plans. february starting off very dry around the bay area. >> thank you.
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coming up at 5:00, nearly 70,000 fans will pack the new stadium. >> yep. but it might not be an easy landing.
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obviously today is all about the action in new orleans. in a few years it is likely santa clara will host the super bowl. >> and there's plenty of excitement in the south bay. now there's some concern about the location of the 49ers' new statement. it is located in a flight path. investigative reporter steven stock has some safety issues that could have a huge impact on travelers. >> reporter: right off the end of runway's 12 r and 12 l, it is
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hard to miss. according to several sources within the aviation and emergency manage many community, it was only once the stadium started rising in the distance did top officials begin exploring the implications of 68,000 fans packed into a stadium located right off the end of two major runways. >> you have to be in two-way communication to even fly anywhere near that airport in the first place. >> reporter: he's been flying private airplanes all over the bay area his entire life. he serves as vice president of operations. >> whenever there's a football game on or a baseball game or any large gathering, people at a stadium, they put into what they would call temporary flight redistributions. tfrs. >> reporter: the fax confirms there will be a trr in place whenever there is a football game or other big event. has the video shows, commercial flights literally pivot right over top of the new stadium when landing from the north, south on
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to runways 12 l or 12 r of with tv helicopters, banner planes and occasional blimp hovering overhead, that could make for crowded skies in a much heavier boring load for air traffic control. >> it is the landing, if they're landing 12. i don't know what they would do. they're going to have to think about that. >> reporter: the trouble is three different aviation sources say that not a lot of thought has gone into that so far. they believe commercial air traffic landing over the new 49ers stadium during a game could significantly raise air traffic controllers' workload and procedures. procedures the faa confirm they are only now beginning to work out. >> commercial aviation gets priority over everything. they won't change that. >> reporter: the faa spokesperson confirms it saying we wouldn't allow any activity that interferes with the arrivals or departures out of san jose. but the sources we spoke with
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remain skeptical and concerned. they say local air traffic controllers were not consulted or included in the aviation planning around the stadium. and look at these drawings which show parts of the new stadium like light towers and antennas, exceeding the maximum height originally allowed in this faa study. the faa says those height limits have been studied individually and do not pose any threat to safety. >> of course, that was a consideration for thing like general aviation to ensure during game days, we would coordinate appropriately. >> reporter: jamie matthews says the city has been planning for many of these issues long before the new stadium was even announced. >> that's part of the overall security plan. to ensure we have an appropriate flight path and clearance. we work very close when i the airport, the faa and of course with our public safety team. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. mayor matthews tells the investigative unit that the security planned for the stadium is still, quote, a work in progress. he said he is confident they
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will have the final plan by the end of the year. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to the unit @nbc bay area. when we come back, we'll have a lot of pizza.
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a restaurant super bowl goal in the bay area is complete but it took going into overtime to meet it. >> pizza my heart set a goal to make three tons of pizza by noon. that's about 700 pizzas going to bay area homes. they didn't make all the pizzas by the 3:00 p.m. deadline. the rush of business kept them busier than expected. in the end it took until 4:00 to make all three tons of pizza. it is still a win.
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>> not bad. i think we should get some pizza around here, don't you think? >> there you go. all right. so rob, what can we expect? we got a little warm-up? >> yeah. the next two days. if you want to do a mountain >> that would be a perfect way to get out. if you try that thursday, not so much. some rain is coming in and maybe some snow on those bay area peaks. about 3,000 feet. thats a big turn in the forecast. second half of the week. >> if you're going biking, bring your chains. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. on this sunday night, twist of fate. a decorated former navy s.e.a.l., the united states' military's most lethal sniper, is shot and killed in texas. tonight, the remarkable life of chris kyle and what we know about the suspect. fight over guns as the president makes his case for
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tougher gun laws. the head of the nra again rejects universal background checks but the fallout over this white house photo of the president. painful lesson. as college loan debt soars, a record number of graduates are having trouble making payments. the crushing burden after earning that degree. and diet myths. in the never-ending battle to lose weight is there anything that really works? yet another study trying to separate fact from fiction. good evening. we begin tonight with a tragic irony that has befallen an american hero. a former navy s.e.a.l. who survived four combat tours in iraq and along the way became the most lethal sniper in american military history has

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